About Sugar Plants

Details of Sugar Factory Installed

Project : Installed a factory to produce white sugar from sugarcane near Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh India.

Plant Capacity : 3,500 tones crushed/day.

Project Details : Carried out detailed engineering, manufactured equipments, procured balance plant & machinery, supervised construction & successfully commissioned the plant.

Sugar Production Process

  • Sugar cane harvested from fields is chopped, beaten into fibers and pressed and crushed in roller mills to extract juice.
  • The fibers ejected from mills, known as bagasse, is burnt in boiler to raise steam of about 45 kg /cm2 .
  • The steam is fed into back pressure turbine which drives alternator to generate electric power ( AC, 3 phase, 415 V , 50 cycles), which is utilized in driving various equipments in the plant.
  • The exhaust from turbine which is around 1.2 kg / cm2 pressure, provides heat for evaporating water from sugar cane juice.
  • The thickened juice is cooled to allow formation of sugar crystals, which are separator in centrifuges. The crystals are washed and dried, and sugar is bagged for sale.
  • Top lid
  • Planetary gear unit
  • Flush type, discharge valve
  • Lubrication point drive guard

By Products of Sugar

  • The sugar cane fibers from which juice has been extracted and ejected from the mills is known as bagasse.
  • The quantity of bagasse generated is around one-third of the quantity of sugar cane crushed, and contains about 50% moisture.
  • The bagasse is combustible and is used for producing steam. Excess bagasse is sold for producing newsprint etc.
  • The other by-product is molasses, which is residue after sugar is separated from thickened syrup. The quality of molasses generated is around 4% of the quantity of cane crashed.
  • Molasses is utilised for producing alcohol, which can be refined to suit the end use (potable alcohol for human consumption or ethanol for blending with petrol.)
  • Top lid
  • Planetary gear unit
  • Flush type, discharge valve
  • Lubrication point drive guard

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