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Sugar Factory installed near Aligarh

Details of Sugar Factory Installed

Project : Installed a factory to produce white sugar from sugarcane near Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh India.

Plant Capacity : 3,500 tones crushed/day.

Project Details : Carried out detailed engineering, manufactured equipments, procured balance plant & machinery, supervised construction & successfully commissioned the plant.

Broad specifications of major plant & machinery

  • Cane Milling Plant: A tandem of 4 mills, each consisting of 3 rollers of 865 mm Dia x. 1,730 mm long. Each mill being driven by 600 HP DC motor
  • Boiler: Bi-drum, natural circulation, balanced draught, water tube, spreader stoker, bagasse fired, steam boiler, 70 TPH, 45 kg/cm3, 450*C, complete with accessories like pumps, fans, semi-automatic controls, flue gas, wet scrubber, etc.
  • Steam turbo generator sets: 1 set of 3.0 MW and 2 sets 2.5 MW capacity each, horizontal back pressure (1.2kg/cm2), with speed reduction gear, coupled to an alternator to generate power of 415V, 3 phase, 50 cycles

Boiling house consisting of :

  • Juice heaters 250 Sqm. 6 nos.
  • Milk of lime station- 1 no.
  • Juice clarifier 30' Dia x 4 compt. -1 no.
  • Vacuum filter 10' Dia x 20' long- 1 no.
  • Quintuple evaporation station- 1 set
  • Syrup sulphitation unit- 1 no.
  • Syrup & molasses storage tanks- 1 set
  • Vacuum pans 60 T. with condensers- 5 nos.
  • Cooling tower- 1 no.
  • Crystallizers incl. seed & vacuum type -12 nos.
  • Centrifugal machines- 10 nos.
  • Sugar dryer and packing unit - 1 set

Co-Generation Plant Under Implementation

What is Co-generation?

In a normal sugar plant, back-pressure turbine is used which makes available low-pressure steam which is used as sources of heat for evaporating water from cane juice, and at the same time generates enough electric power to meet the captive requirement.

But in a Co-generation plant, a condensing turbine is used. Also steam at much higher pressure is used. For requirement of low pressure steam, the same is bled form turbine at an appropriate point. This configuration gives much higher thermal efficiency, and as a result, from the same quantity of bagasse much higher generation of power is achieved. And the surplus electric power is sold to grid or to other users.

Main Features of the planned 30MW Co-gen plant being implemented :

Pravara Sugar Factory, which crushed around 10Lakh Tonne cane , will supply the entire quantity of bagasse and also 3000cu.m/hr. bio-gas to power plant.

Power plant will supply during :

  • Crushing (170 days):
    Power - 6.6 MW
    LP steam - 110 TPH
  • Off seasm (160 days)
    Power - 1.5 MW
    LP Steam - 11 TPH

Optimization /reduction of steam consumption in sugar plant :

Boiling house of the sugar plant has been modified with a view to minimizing steam consumption, so that in the co-generation plant maximum steam is used for power generation.

Major equipments in Co-generation plant :

  • Major equipments in Co-generation plant
  • 1 x 30 MW bleed / extraction cum condensing turbine including all auxiliaries, control & instrumentation, condenser, HP heater.
  • 1 x 30MW Alternator & accessories including AVR, relay, metering & control panels, synchronizing panel, 11 KV switch board.
  • Complete automation system to operate boiler and turbo-alternator fully automatic.
  • Water treatment system consisting of RO plant and mixed bed D.M. plant.
  • Cooling Tower, Induced Draft 3 cell, 3000 Cu .m./hr. Complete with cooling water pumps, piping, valves etc.
  • Steam piping - high pressure and low pressure piping, valves, PRDS etc.
  • EOT crane - 70T/5T. for turbine house.
  • Bagasse handling system, ash handling system.
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Compressed air system, air conditioning and ventilation system, fire fighting system.
  • Tankages
  • Switchyard, transformer to step up from 11 KV to 132 KV
  • H.T, L.T panels, cables, bus ducts.
  • Civil foundations, buildings like office, canteen, time/security office, internal roads, boundary.
  • Raw water reservoir.

Project Photos

A view of work at Pravara site

A View of column erection of Evaporator Station at Pravara site

Modernization work of Pravara Boiling House in Progress

Modernization work of Pravara Boiling House in Progress

Modernization work of Pravara Boiling House in Progress

Modernization work of Pravara Boiling House in Progress

Co-Gen Plant Foundation Stone Laying

Mr. S.N . Chaturvedi (chairman STV), Abhijeet Rajan Chairman Gammon India , Mr. Siddharth Chaturvedi (M.D. STV) Shri . Radha Krishna Vikhe Patil Pravara Chairman.

Aligarh Sugar Plant

Modernization work of Pravara Boiling House in Progress

A View of Bagasse Carrier and Boiler

A View of Boiler of behind

A View of Cane un-loader

A view of Cane carrier

A View of Mill being erected

A view of Turbine Installed

A view of complete Boiling house

A View of Juice heater station


A View of Evaporator Station supplied to AAIL

A View of Centrifugal Station

A View of Pan house

A View of Pan station with Crystallizer and centrifugal station

350 Sqm Juice Heaters supplied to Mula factory

Another view of Evaporator Station supplied to AAIL

Part of Semi kestner supplied to Bhileshwar Khand Udhyog

Another Part of semi kestner supplied to Bhileshwar Khand Udhyog

Another view of Calendria of 3200 Sqm Semi kestner supplied to Pravaranagar

Calendria of 3200 Sqm Semi kestner supplied to Pravaranagar

Semi Kestner supplied to Mula SSK

A view of SS Pug mill supplied to Sugar refinery of Bannari Amman sugar

Vapour body of 60 ton cap. SS Vacuum Pan

Calandria of 60 ton cap. SS Vacuum pan

Air cooled Crystallizer 65 ton capacity

65 ton capacity Air cooled crystallizer

SS Crystallizers 60 ton cap. incl. seed & vacuum type for sugar refinery

Central shaft of SS Crystallizer 70 ton capacity

Continuous Pan Horizontal Tube 30T Heat Exchanger

Internal View of Continuous Pan Horizontal Tube 30T Heat Exchanger

Continuous Pan Horizontal Tube 30T Heat Exchanger

3200m2 HSA Long Tube Heat Exchanger

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